Why Buy Pastel Meenakari Bridal Sets?

The irresistible charm of meenakari is not new. Women of all ages can adorn their looks with a pair of meenakari earrings or a necklace. However, modern-day brides also like to keep it contemporary with meenakari but with a twist. Traditional brides used to wear dark red and maroon lehenga with lots of jewellery, whereas non-conventional women showcase their love for pastels, whether it’s their bridal lehenga or the imitation jewellery set they choose to exchange the vows.

In this post, we will tell you all about the contemporary twist to the timelessness of meenakari. You can find artificial kundan jewellery online and would be surprised to see there are so many options finished with pastel meenakari. So why pastel shades are trending and do you really need one? Let’s discuss.

What is pastel meenakari jewellery?

Meenakari is the decorative enamel used to infuse colors in a jewellery piece. You can find meenakari are adorning gold, pearls, and even kundans in lots of artificial meenakari sets online. However, modern brides are breaking the monotony by wearing lighter shades of lehengas, so to complement their looks, jewellery designers have introduced the new-age range of pastel meenakari. In the modern range of meenakari jewellery online, you will not find emerald, royal blue or dark red shades, but the gorgeousness is designed using pastel shades of pink, green and blue.

What are the trending styles in pastel meenakari sets?

You can find a vast range of artificial heavy jewellery bridal sets embellished with pastel meenakari. It is such a statement jewellery that everyone should own. The top trending looks for pastel meenakari are:

  • Mini jhumkis with a statement tikka
  • Pastel meenakari contrasting the shade of the bridal lehenga
  • Minimal pastel meenakari chokers for daytime wedding functions
  • Stackable kundan Kada or bracelets with meenakari
  • Meenakari finished Kaleeres
  • Traditional Rajasthani Hasli Choker with pastel meenakari

How to take care of meenakari jewellery?

  • Imitation jewellery is easy on the pocket and is going widely popular. If you are about to purchase an artificial heavy bridal jewellery set that is adorned with meenakari, you need to know how to store it, clean it and what are the best practices to preserve its timelessness.
  • Keep it away from moisture: After use, artificial jewellery needs to be stored carefully in a moisture proof place. A zip lock bag is preferable to keep the moisture at bay.
  • For cleaning: Regular cleaning is important to keep the pieces look new and shiny all the time. Use a suede cloth, soft toothbrush or a Q-tip. Never use water to clean your imitation jewellery.
  • While travelling: As discussed above, moisture is the enemy of your jewellery. So if it’s a destination wedding, you are advised to keep desiccants alongside your jewellery to keep it protected.

Bottom line

Colorful meenakari jewellery is a must-have for modern-day brides. If you are not sure, you can always start with small pieces. Order a ring or jhumkis in pastel shades from a trusted store dealing in artificial kundan jewellery online. When you will be in awe of the glamourous look of the pieces, you can continue ordering heavy bridal sets.

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